An unusual thing in an unusual hour…

An unusual thing in an unusual hour…
Days never mattered to me, neither hours passing by..but that day was something special. It wasnt thr usual day because i was actually waiting for time to pass by….not because i was getting bored (like always)but because i dint knew waiting for someone could hold my breath.
Night grew younger and i saw him coming closer to me. As he came closer i thought today whatever happens i will tell him what am i thinking and without even waiting for his reply i will go( thoughts). But he approached me and said Sorry am late.. That stupid person dint even knew his sorry was so full of charm to me that i cudnt take my eyes off him and forgot what i was about to say.
We started walking and he sensed something unusual in my behaviour. He asked i resisted( showing my attitude as i did always but hatsoff to him that he bore my stupidity to all levels). That’s why i love him more…
I had tea and he his big cigarette.while drinking tea i asked him what if your girlfriend asks you to leave cigarette for her..will you?
He smiled ( still drinking his cigarette)
And said, ” i Donno i dont have any experience “.
I knew this answer. Off late he always tried to keep me also to live in the present and keep things simple.. But I took advantage of the situation And asked, ” what if I tell you to leave it?”
He was mum for half a minute and looked into my eyes… “Mad or what”- his pet dialogue was the most obvious here. I again repeated and said ” I don’t want to die of passive smoking.” He bursted into laughter and said ” why dint you tell me before?. I was very happy stupidly thinking that he understood my feelings without me giving any explanation.. But how can i be so intelligent not to see that his expression dint change.
Walking my way back to the hostel i stopped in front of a bike and asked him ” you dint understand anything? ” he shouted on me but i persisted. I again asked ” you dint get the meaning of anything? ” he literally shouted on top of his voice ( my security is his priority) “what happened???? “.the biker even understood but my love did not.. And bursting into tears i shouted.”.idiot I love you”.
And the most unusual hug that i got on the middle of the road was above each and every comfort and luxury of this world.